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this weird & wonderful track also on droning earth VOL1 , if i understood right this dude is in glitter wizard nowadays.

TURN ME ON DEAD MAN – heavymetal mothership

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1st thought is probably the best again, like hawkwind playing faster, twisted bag of genres thrown together, theres heavy metal, space rock, stoner, psych, yoga flying, you name it, after all it works and drives you out of your mind.


GLITTER WIZARD – hollow earth tour

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retro heavy rock freaks will ejaculate while listening this, progressivepsychedelicglamrocking epic with no fillers.


ALL YOUR SISTERS – uncomfortable skin

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OLee_AYS_digital (34 of 37)

refreshing to hear this kinda postpunksynthnoiseexperimentalwhateverthegenreis -music after some years, screamers/joydivision/cure/etc. united.


BANQUET jupiter rose

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fast-forward vintage heavy psych rock slowing down occasionally, no fillers, no modern day gimmicks, should be listened from a high quality vinyl with gate-fold sleeve and lyrics sheet, simply amazing.


SOLAR MAXIMUM event I: uranian fire

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after downloading 700mb promopack of vids/sounds i was hoping this doesnt suck, and hell it doesnt, enchanting improvised minimalism, 2 bass guitars crawling sweetly.


BUZZMUTT Static In The Minds Eye Chpt 1.

Posted in experimental, psych, rock, san francisco, soundscapes on September 9, 2012 by vesalahde

strange piece of album, theres indiepsychrock, experimental, ambient tracks, some are good some not.