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DISASTROID – mortal fools

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progression-wise reminds of voivod but instead of thrash this is grungy, crispy and crunchy rock/metal, hard to categorize, appreciate the unpredictability HEAVYPSYCH


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relaxing live southern/psychedelic rock

AN AMERICAN MOVIE – Nine 18 Twenty 17

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jazzy psychedelic live improvisation, like Pori Jazz festival at home.

EXODUS – bonded by blood

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listened some of these childhood soundtracks from youtube just to find out you have to see ads between tracks? appreciate free music (at least i bought this in the 80s) but whats the difference between youtube and megaupload? megaupload dude was chased more than child rapists and terrorists, wheres Lars and the court case, metallica albums there as well.


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something worth checking..

GLITTER WIZARD – opera villains

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rocky horror heavy glam opera, pink metal masterpiece for true men, women and 3rd genders, no boring moments. HEAVYPSYCHSOUNDS

GLITTER WIZARD – opera villains

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new album coming from the kings of psychedelic glitter glam metal.