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DYLAN CARLSON – live at soup kitchen

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Tetuzi Akiyama + Cal Lyall Live at Obake Yashiki (GariGari, Tokyo, June 28th, 2015) from Floating Nubian on Vimeo.


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Latitudes 5 – William Fowler Collins from Other Minds on Vimeo.


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Bill Orcutt & Chris Corsano from Roulette Intermedium on Vimeo.

MICHAEL PLATER – saint johns eve

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amazing track/video from upcoming album.

WINO – cvlt nation live

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cosmic video for a cool track



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fucks sake,  hard/heavy rock boom going on again and still go watching the classics after a sip of cognag.

MARS RED SKY – crazy hearth

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moody track/video.

BLACK RAINBOWS – universal phase

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video as cool as earths tallahassee

NOVELLER – effektology

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the 1st time i see something good done with drone copters, gorgeous music video; ambient sounds good too.. BADABING


Moshé O’Grady

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close-up lesson how to do moody guitar drone,  been fooling around with screwdriver too.



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something good i saw in mewe, alternative to facebook.

THE SONIC DAWN – hits of acid

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SPACETRUCKER – king cheeto

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theres some trumpy action.


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moody magical psychedelic blues

EARTH – within the drone

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documentary that was released with hibernaculum cd.


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theres this hard/heavy rock boom going on, nothing beats the originals


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Sly & The Family Drone Supernormal 2012 from Chris Purdie on Vimeo.

GEIST & THE SACRED ENSEMBLE – koskenlaskijan morsian soundtrack

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live soundtrack to finnish movie lumberjacks bride.


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Exercise one from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

old dog re-learning the old tricks, sliding with nikon coolpix.

BARNSTORMER 1649 – restoration tragedy

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wonderful full LP played live, pro-shot, also a history lesson, history of a mankind tends to repeat now and then..

GURT – bongs of praise

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not so amazed about the promo track but lego video is always fun times


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like the beatles reborn..

WAR (exploited cover) X2

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as you know i dont need your FUCKING WAR either, just multi-billion business and peace time war criminals on the loose, they can murder me and probably murdered my dad too, so FUCK YOU MILITARY SCUM fucking cowards!!!!!…this reminds me of an introduction i did in school about slayer in the end of 80s, showed some live video from vhs tape too and someone pulled the plug from the wall

THE EXPLOITED – live in saint petersburg

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as much as i hate youtube and their GODDAMN ADS theres some great content you cant find elsewhere, great to see Wattie is still in good shape and keeps on spreading the truth.

JOY DIVISION – walked in line

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just because people are walking in lines again…