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was reading the memoirs of kauko röyhkä, virallinen, and found this excellent minimalistic track, you never see this kinda tracks on finnish top40 shitlists.


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geist & the sacred ensemble, you never know what they do next. hats off to all artists who do what they want to do and doesnt care what others want them to do.


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what happened to this amazing trio, last album 2010?

GRANT NATIONAL – double black

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like mixture of melvins/newer metallica and i stopped listening metallica after …and justice for all, so if youre fan of new school metallica you might like this.


GEEZER – a flagrant disregard for happiness

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mind-melting brilliance


DEVIL ELECTRIC – hypnotica

Posted in Uncategorized, video on May 18, 2017 by vesalahde

bluesy doom from the upcoming album.

BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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