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electroacoustic ambient duo sharing their new video and cassette order link, pretty relaxing


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like the french version of finnish band francine or melrose

ORGÖNE – mos/fet

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holy voyager, what an adventure, 80 mins of psychedelic egyptian space exploration, the most unique/interesting band ive heard in recent years.

MARS RED SKY – crazy hearth

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moody track/video.


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sounds like a unique mix of psychedelic/stoner/prog rock.

Moshé O’Grady

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close-up lesson how to do moody guitar drone,  been fooling around with screwdriver too.



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something good i saw in mewe, alternative to facebook.


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zeppelin/bolan/lennon/american roots music.. just few things this variation of tracks reminded of, captivating/surprising LP from start to finish. MRS RED SOUND

VAISSEAU – horrors waiting in line

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synth and drums instrumental, was in some kinda nostalgic trance while listening, reminded of all those amazing horror/scifi soundtracks of the 80s,
damn beautiful and mesmerizing. TOTEMCAT



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amazing instrumental, reminds of tito & tarantula from the movie “from dusk till dawn”

PELEGRIN – al mahruqa

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bit here and somewhere between time and space with this one, skillfully played moody progressive/post rock with eastern vibe similar to OM, something is missing, theres no stairway to heaven or something to remember afterwards but for sure theres some relaxing music for slow moments of life.

ps. cant upload coverart for some reason, find it yourself


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nice fuzz, bass, vocals…


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ABRAHMA – lost forever

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beautiful and melancholic 1st track from the upcoming album


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new wave of french/canadian avant-garde metal?


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Electric Retro Spectrum 10/04/18 Paris, Espace B from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.



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latest from utech records, mind-altering freejazz/drone/ambient scapes


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Valeskja Valcav 15/12/17 Paris, La Station Gare des Mines from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.

Theres still amazing experimental music in internet, but for some reason its harder to find.

ps. as you can see from my latest posts, im more into experimental music again, so please send your heavy rock albums to someblog else.


MONARCH – never forever

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how dark and black can drone doom get? this is the answer, there should be “explicit drones” sticker on the album cover.



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monarch announcing new album from profound lore

MARS RED SKY – myramyd EP

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myramyd couv-bd.jpg

heard only 1 min teaser but sounds like fantastic slow psychedelic stoner riff.

BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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french garage rock duo inspired by delta blues and western folk tales, like a soulful little brother of the white stripes, these 6 tracks leaves you craving for more.



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ex-members of monarch! kicking out the slow and heavy ambientsludgejams, with screamo-styled vocals, quite a contrast between two 20min monoliths and the 2min passage between them, sometimes lifts you up flying like a seagull, sometimes takes you down to the sludgeful bordeaux sewer system, until throwing you back to the ground around the 45min marker.


DOMADORA – violent mystikal sukuma

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as real as psychedelic heavy rock can get, sounds like listening a killer live concert, no hundred instrument/sample tracks or thousands of overdubs needed like “real” radio-friendly artists do nowadays, btw cover dude looks like a hardcore smart phone/WiFi user, face melting technology.



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the 1st track reminded of some t-rex ballad, 2nd track, is led zep reborn?, sweet blues/rock piece, full album would be nice, danke schön.