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monarch announcing new album from profound lore

MARS RED SKY – myramyd EP

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myramyd couv-bd.jpg

heard only 1 min teaser but sounds like fantastic slow psychedelic stoner riff.

BLACKBIRD HILL – midday moonlight

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french garage rock duo inspired by delta blues and western folk tales, like a soulful little brother of the white stripes, these 6 tracks leaves you craving for more.



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ex-members of monarch! kicking out the slow and heavy ambientsludgejams, with screamo-styled vocals, quite a contrast between two 20min monoliths and the 2min passage between them, sometimes lifts you up flying like a seagull, sometimes takes you down to the sludgeful bordeaux sewer system, until throwing you back to the ground around the 45min marker.


DOMADORA – violent mystikal sukuma

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as real as psychedelic heavy rock can get, sounds like listening a killer live concert, no hundred instrument/sample tracks or thousands of overdubs needed like “real” radio-friendly artists do nowadays, btw cover dude looks like a hardcore smart phone/WiFi user, face melting technology.



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the 1st track reminded of some t-rex ballad, 2nd track, is led zep reborn?, sweet blues/rock piece, full album would be nice, danke schön.