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reposting this because the most of the new music is so bitter like the era we are living.


70s finnish progressive rock playlist/compilation for the curious, might also call it STREAMING EARTH VOL4

PIIRPAUKE – konevitsan kirkonkellot
WIGWAM – bless your lucky stars
CHARLIES – living for myself
HAIKARA – köyhän pojan kerjäys
KALEVALA – boogie
NIMBUS – yksinäinen purjehtija
PEKKA POHJOLA – hereilläkin uni jatkuu
TABULA RASA – uskollinen
WOODOO – taikakulkunen
SCAPA FLOW – valmiina heräämään
FANTASIA 01-02-03

CHARLIES – buttocks

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and finnish heavy psych from the 70s


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was listening birds of fire again, amazing LP, is it even possible this kinda bands exists nowadays?

PELEGRIN – al mahruqa

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bit here and somewhere between time and space with this one, skillfully played moody progressive/post rock with eastern vibe similar to OM, something is missing, theres no stairway to heaven or something to remember afterwards but for sure theres some relaxing music for slow moments of life.

ps. cant upload coverart for some reason, find it yourself

JETHRO TULL – this was

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prog rock rising again but can they beat the originals, mystic mesmerizing masterpiece.


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BLUE DREAM – volume won

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blue dream - volume won - promo

dreamy, bluesy, heavy, surprising, relaxing… trip, one of these bands who play whatever they want and it sounds good, hard to categorize, at times thought im listening pink floyd, at times gary moores guitar, singer could sing in some britpop band (one of those two) too, so go ahead, make my day and figure it out.. kozmik