quite disturbing, is the 1st thing came into mind while trying to listen this, try yourself.

ps. also got my “rights” back to droning earth cover arts, misunderstanding like i thought, some new designs up too, so dont just sit there like a facebook moron, order some!

4 Responses to “PRIMATE PYRAMID coping EP”

  1. Ha Ha so funny…i was feeling a bit like shedding some harshness so could definitely be described as disturbing but chk out my soundcloud still dark but less disturbing….. (maybe?)

    Thx for the comment it made me laugh!

  2. ok, i check your other album. ive made some industrial noise myself some years ago, so bit tired of industrial, just making simple guitar tracks now.

    • yeah i never know what’s going to happen but this is what came out of this session….my LP is more beat based trippy collage(unreleased)…constantly changing…..exploring…that’s what this project is soooo lots of surprises no genre well maybe not country music…hahahah….Thanks for posting!

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