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ROSS BLAKE – pretty en rose (original soundtrack)

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rarely getting soundtracks but surely they’re interesting, usually…here we have a weirder than weirdo mix of avant-garde/jazz/electronic/acoustic/cacophony/experimental/elevator music/who knows what, at first it sounds like a audio-diary of a madman then it gets you deep-diving among the clouds, if the soundtrack is this wacky the movie must be a great watch.



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lately noticed women are more innovative with their music projects? guys areusually doing that depressive dark, black or gray ambient/drone, not all but some kinda trend.



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never heard of this band before, its about time, folk/psychedelic/progressive rock spectacular

GEIST & THE SACRED ENSEMBLE – dig in sessions

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basket case on the cover or the latest tin foil hat model? soon we need a full metal body armor to walk in the streets, musicwise as you know these guys, their every session sounds different, folk/drone/blues/experimental/etc..

KATE CARR – i had myself a nuclear spring

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have heard lot of field recordings, done some myself, but these mixed with drone/ambient sound top notch.


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now theres some psychedelic inspiring drone music, i need a singer like that too.