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GEIST & THE SACRED ENSEMBLE – through the winter

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meditative song and video.


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disturbing you with a new track, from experimental effects to clean acoustic.


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twisted lounge jazz from the hazy twin peaks motel, 2 saxophones, bit of guitar, weird percussion sounds, bunch of other strange noises to keep it interesting, mysteriously enchanting and relaxing. SUBSOUND


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EMILE – the black spider / det kollektive selvmord

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like 2 albums in one, side A is 60s style folk/psychedelia with english lyrics, side B experimental surreal droning atmospheres with danish lyrics, both sides relaxing. HEAVYPSYCH

DAVID GARLAND – color piece

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listened this beautiful track because it was recommended as similar to my album on bandcamp, words by Yoko Ono.

La Morte Viene Dallo Spazio

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