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EDWARD OUTLANDER – buzzed on the nothingness

Posted in ambient, drone, instrumental, western on January 24, 2021 by vesalahde

earth-like drone and more.

OLSON, VAN CLEEF, WILLIAMS – As Gold Turned To Black Powder

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magnifico!, instrumental desert rock/ambient, like listening ennio morricone spaghetti western soundtrack.

IVONNE VAN CLEEF – The Rustler (El Cuatrero)

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magnificent desert ambient, could be a soundtrack to imaginary spaghetti western.

EDWARD BUZZ OUTLANDER – buzzards of the mind 3

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magnificent western instrumental dreamscapes relaxing/strengthening the mind and body in these times of isolation and anxiety



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morricone always inspiring, great cover, everyone who thinks to be a amazing musician should try to do at least one interesting instrumental.

ACROSS TUNDRAS – the rugged ranges of curbs and broken minds

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this band is always something else, laidback western sky ride, neilyoung/americana/drone/desert/rock..


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T.G.OLSON – earthen pyramid

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great western rock as usual.


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T.G. OLSON the bad lands to cross

Posted in americana, experimental, folk, nashville, psych folk, western on December 25, 2013 by vesalahde


Woah! the king of western folk is back. like these minimalistic tunes better than across tundras. hats off they’re still offering “name your price” downloads.


Posted in guitar, minimalistic, vancouver, western on June 6, 2011 by vesalahde

dude has some great minimalistic tracks.