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BORRACHO – splitting sky

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Borracho announcing an reissue of the debut album.

BORRACHO – border crossing

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borracho announcing the 1st groovy single from their upcoming album.

BORRACHO – atacama

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Atacama Frontcover.jpg

first of all congrats to US citizens about their new president, or is there something to congrat about? Im only specialist in finnish politics and the govt is full of bozos again. whatever, these catchy stoner riffs take you back to the sky valley, or in this case to the fuzzed out trip through the atacama desert, no fillers, all em kill.



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scent of a opened beer bottle, taste of desert sand in your mouth, sound of a corrupted cop car following you, mee maa mee maa, you know what i mean? kyussish stoner groove from atacama desert, get stoned and rock hard, its always better than being a governmental anti-robinhood.


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COSMODEUMS – satellite 15

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whatever this satellite15 is doing? stalking our tiny asses? but music is great, the 1st thought was primus meets om, short psychedelicious instrumentals.



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