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ETHEREAL RIFFIAN – wakan tanka & documentary

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take a steady asana and check these guys out, shed light on your existence. CAMP

KROBAK – nightbound

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all four tracks are wonderfully progressing/relaxing instrumental post-rock, violin and slavic melancholy brings some additional depth compared to other post-rock acts.



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strange name for a band, but these times are strange, from the music you can hear these tracks have developed in long jam sessions, mixture of genres flowing out as laidback, wonderful, sunny and groovy psychedelic rock.


STONED JESUS – stormy monday EP

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other ukrainian band, tracks varying from sabbathian riff to rock’n roll similar to finnish band peer günt (3rd track), highly enjoyable.


NONSUN black snow desert

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049 bw

this ukrainian instrumental duo sounds totally unique, drone metal, ambient, post rock, improvisation, etc.. dunno if this dl link was to be shared so get it from somewhere else.


NONSUN sun blind me

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latest release from , ukrainian two-man doom/drone doom greatness.

“Dark heavy doom metal with an experimental approach looking equally forwards and backwards. Sun Blind Me starts off with classic melodic doom metal on Rain Have Mercy. After this things delve into the more adventurous direction of ritual doom and drone doom. These two directions are combined through a consistent, introverted and heavy sound influenced by a healthy combination of Tangerine Dream, Earth and Paradise Lost.”

NONSUN good old evil

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heavyass ukrainian dronedoomsludge, maybe heavier than sleep, slower anyway, in drone parts you just wait when that riff massacre starts again, amazing first demo.