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bit of nostalgia after few beers..

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – how will i laugh tomorrow when i cant even smile today

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im brainwashed by my own writings, remembered this magnificent album while writing my other blog, the LP you never got tired of, isnt it bit strange that band named suicidal tendencies brings you the best childhood memories.

ps. was curious to see if theyre still doing music and gotta say this is no “how will i laugh” but better than the most of the new bands that never invent anything new. WHOLE WORLD GONE INSANE, agree with that.

S.O.D. – speak english or die

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soundtrack of my teenage years, considered as a classic nowadays.

“It doesn’t matter how you wear your hair
It’s what inside your head
United Forces stand for all good and fair
Black, white and yellow and red

UNITED *(forces)* UNITED *(forces)* UNITED,
UNITED *(forces)* UNITED *(forces)* UNITED!!!!

Skinheads and bangers and punks stand as one
Crossover to a final scene
United forces and their job won´t be done
Until the world can see

No rednecks, no jocks, no macho bullshit attitudes
United forces can´t be stopped!!!”

DIRTY DAMAGE – i want to be a president 7″

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same category than the one below.

FAFF-BEY – s/m party

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classics from teenage years, the 1st cuming of Oulu hardcore, lillemors och så vidare…

ps. Ihan kuin ois tällaisenkin harmittoman tekeleen postaaminen blokattu toiselta koneelta, heti kaatu, varmaan pahempaaki matskuu löytyy netistä lapsillenne, bannatkaa koko netti 🙂

ELECTRICJEZUS Mud of generations

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Two-man-band from Russia mixing many genres, nice dirty production, reminds of early days of destruction/kreator/venom, thrash mixed with slower doom. But like most of the metal nowadays, its done already better in the 80’s. Good for nostalgia, bit more uniquity and this would be much better.

“Electricjezus – two man band from Russia, Moscow region, Dmitrov. The group consist of 2 people, but a set of instruments remains classical – guitar, drums, bass. It became possible by installing single bass pickup in the neck of guitar. Also we use a very thick strings for best bass sound and use two 22” rides or piece of metal for hi hat. All our lyrics on album in Russian. The band’s style is very multifaceted, you can find here sludge metal, doom metal, power violence, black metal, hardcore, stoner and everything you want. This is partly due love for groups like Melvins, Electric Wizard, Earth, Jucifer, Today Is The Day, Bolt Thrower, Sunn O))), Monarch, Extreme Noise Terror, Flipper, Acid Bath, Unsane, Scratch Acid, Burning Witch, Dystopia, Ministry, Pantera, etc. We took a piece of these groups, added our surrounding reality (dirt, noise, monotony) and got our music. With this concept we played about a dozen shows in various cities including Moscow, Moscow region and St. – Petersburg.”

Track list(English):

1 – Feed
2 – Loops of Deception
3 – Street of Broken Lights
4 – Mud of Generations
5 – Lash of Culture
6 – Pool