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LĂ…NGFINGER – crossyears

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another quality SMALL STONE retro rocker, 70s/80s heavy/hard rock raised to the level close to perfection, be prepared for tight power-grooves, mind-melting choruses, catchy riffs and memorable melodies.


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traditional hard/blues/heavy/classic rock boogie reminding of the happy times when music was still good, pure, soulful and carried a message… to cut a long story short an grooveful album that grows during every listen.


POSTURES – halucinda

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Postures Cover

Postures Bandpic

what can i say, enjoyed this one too, timeless progressive rock with a hint of folk and a captivating female singer, neat little album.

world in sound

GIN LADY call the nation

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Gin Lady Cover

Ugh! Catchy old-school heavy rock done the right way, takes me back to time where “gillan is heavy rock”-LP was everything i needed, time when music was real and calculated crap wasnt filling the airwaves.Vamos!



WE LOST THE SKYLINE a little bit heavy

Posted in alternative, desert rock, psychedelic, sweden on May 9, 2014 by vesalahde


To cut it short again, this alternativepsychedelicdesertfuzzrock is a treat for my ears, title track is the best thing offered.



Posted in sweden on May 5, 2014 by vesalahde

sweet 4-track-set of native american style music.

SISILISKO Waldeinsamkeit

Posted in doom folk, experimental, folk rock, sweden on March 27, 2014 by vesalahde


swedish folk-doom band with finnish name, lizard in english, singer reminds of tom waits, unique stuff, me dig-a-lot.