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IAH - IAH - cover.png

first i thought another boring post-rock band but this is actually quite interesting and have some surprises, faster stoner rock/metal assault parts, so if you need a relaxing space flight out of your groundhog day, this fucking delivers.



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exotic-sounding, guess its the russian vocals, sludge/stoner/metal in the spirit of mastodon/red fang/90s alternative, as they describe it “the soundtrack to a hollywood-produced soviet western”, energetic in-your-face debut, not quite on par with their idols, and im comparing to mastodon. favorite track mustanga.



CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC – dawn of the satanic age

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if the satanic age means stalking and radiation everywhere, the dawn is a coming,
musicwise instru-metal symphony with riffsful of uniqueness, another example that the music interesting enough needs no vocals.


XII BOAR beyond the valley of the triclops

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whisky-fueled southern-fried hard rock epic for stoned headbangers of the heavier generation.



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gotta repost this, i was talking crap, i rarely do, and i blame my laptop soundcard it sounded weak the 1st time, 2nd listen with better machine and this is probably the best instrumental album ive heard in a while, tracks varying from repetitive stoner riffs to speedy metal parts.

MONSTER COYOTE The Shepherd Who Saves The Wolf, Dooms His Sheeps

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1st single from their upcoming album, looks/sounds great.