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amazes how fast psychedelic trio can play together, hendrix-influence is obvious just twice as faster, if youre looking for lame chorus-verse pop songs, keep on lookin’, after all are we just puppets in prisma circus stalked by satellite clowns from outer space ? who knows, but another perfect psych/hard rocker from WORLD-IN-SOUND


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old mate gaspar kicking out acoustic jams under the andalucian sun

BARRABAS – wild safari

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deliciously funky & groovy prog rock LP.

CACHEMIRA – jungla

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are you experienced? was gobsmacked while listening, fireworks of old school heavy psych n’ blues, amazing live-sounding 31 minutes, even Jimi Hendrix would be proud to hear this, and the drum solo in the end of goddess reminded of Bonzo, maybe a longer drum solo track to the next album?


SATURNA lost in time

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immediately when album starts youre kicked back to the 70s hard rock/80s heavy rock times, no lack of hooky riffs, old-school vocals and cream-filled guitar solos, feel fine to be lost in times where music was still played with real instruments in real life.



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vidaguerrilla getting his 1st 7″ out, congrats, sounds great.