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MUSIC FROM THE FILM – easy rider / che!

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obviously bought this because of the easy rider soundtrack just to find out its not the original, worth checking anyway, more interesting is the the b-side with relaxing latin jazz rhythms with panflute or something..

ROSS BLAKE – pretty en rose (original soundtrack)

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rarely getting soundtracks but surely they’re interesting, usually…here we have a weirder than weirdo mix of avant-garde/jazz/electronic/acoustic/cacophony/experimental/elevator music/who knows what, at first it sounds like a audio-diary of a madman then it gets you deep-diving among the clouds, if the soundtrack is this wacky the movie must be a great watch.


THE LAND OF THE SNOW – paths of chaos

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one man show at its finest, treated guitars, programmed drums and electronics creating a chaotic, metallic, instrumental soundtrack of this crazy world around us, considering chaos as a generator of new possibilities, as its described in the promo sheet:

“The aim of the project is to explore the possibilities offered by combining and merging different musical languages in order to create something different and unpredictable. Another goal is to drag the listeners into a high emotional state and use music as a medium to explore and develop one’s inner self.”



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KOFI Album Artwork.jpg

relaxing, spellbinding, dreamlike psychedelicstonerambientprogressiverock from the united kingdom of frogs, cant even think what other bands this reminds of, just wonderfully unique.

kozmik artifactz

KAYO DOT – plastic house on base of sky

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1st thought was 80s soundtrack/electronic music, but this is more progressive, futuristic experimental rock that drags you in and takes you to a journey outside the system.


ps. flenser should update my email address.



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ASHTORETH / TCH – live soundtrack to stalker

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“Live recording of the alternative soundtrack to Tarkovski`s STALKER movie
by TCH and ASHTORETH at Filmhuis Klappei 08062014 . Photography by Jérôme Siegelaer.