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new horror/twinpeaksy scape, electronic ambient + manipulated guitar track.


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memorable tv-series and soundtrack from the 70s, is there music like this anymore?


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1st track of the next creative process

WOLVSERPENT perigea antahkarana

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like their earlier work, great mix of soundscapes/dark ambient/folk/doom.

BUZZMUTT Static In The Minds Eye Chpt 1.

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strange piece of album, theres indiepsychrock, experimental, ambient tracks, some are good some not.

D_e deep dimensions

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SOLIFUGAE sidereus nuncius

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red hot chilean soundscapes, yeah.

“Solifugae (“Those who flee from the sun”) is, plainly, music, to be listened to without expectations and/or prejudices; simple, sincere, austere and minimalist music, pretending to evoke remote places, the more remote, the better.”