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VENETIAN VEIL – no bridge

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when seeing the tracklist i thought this is just another depressing album, but i was surprised, its sad, melancholic like lars von triers movies (some of them), gloomy, beautiful and theres something gothic like in joy division (3rd and 6th track).


VANESSA VAN BASTEN – disintegration EP

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never was a fan of THE CURE, NIRVANA was the real thing, but recognize all these cover tracks, shoegazy, atmospheric, postrockish, metallic versions, better than originals.. and guys look more trustworthy than any finnish politician.


TAJAK – amsterdam 211

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gem of an album, like a bastard child of hawkwind/joy division/sielun veljet/and something, psychedelic ride out of this world, if youre one of those new kids on the new worlds radiating blocks and dont know what the full album means start by listening the 5th track. CAMP

ASHTORETH / TCH – Angels guide the Way to our Harbor

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linked this in my earlier post, but was able to listen more carefully now and it stroke to my earth-nerve, sweet guitar drone/ambient for earth/sunnO))) freaks.



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great shamanistic drone/shoegaze, check out also ASHTORETH / TCH  split.


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tremendous lofidroneelectronicambientshoegaze.