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GLITTER WIZARD – hollow earth tour

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retro heavy rock freaks will ejaculate while listening this, progressivepsychedelicglamrocking epic with no fillers.


OLD SUN – praise the sun EP

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psychedelicious progressive fuzz roll.



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promising progressive dirty sludge.

ESTONER lennud saatana dimensioonis

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mean dirty progressive psychedelic sludge machine, albumful of pleasant surprises, heavy mind-detonating joyride like no other.


POSTURES – halucinda

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Postures Cover

Postures Bandpic

what can i say, enjoyed this one too, timeless progressive rock with a hint of folk and a captivating female singer, neat little album.

world in sound

JUUR – exile

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quite a progressive trip, outta words almost, but if RUSH were more heavier, groovier and metallic it would probably sound something like this, enjoyed every single track.


SLABDRAGGER rise of the dawncrusher

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all we like to drag slabs sometimes, don’t we? these guys drag and pull out heavy, progressive, otherworldly, unique, slow and sometimes faster riffs, to cut it short, voivod of sludge.