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great lyrics, music reminding of the 80s, they are messing us up…


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is this a cover of of___something, but its almost better than the original.

ROGUE SATELLITES – torture party

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With this post i want to warn everyone that these “conspiracy theories” about satellite murders might be true, mainstream media isnt telling you all, maybe they dont know either… satellite criminals can artificially cause you heart symptoms, burn your internal organs so you get cancer, maybe even murder you while you sleep… isnt it strange that already in Helsinki anonymous fake profiles knew my symptoms, if i was radiated in tram, in the street etc.

JOY DIVISION – walked in line

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just because people are walking in lines again…

NONE – nothing is right

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haunting, desolate, brilliant cold wave.

ALL YOUR SISTERS – uncomfortable skin

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OLee_AYS_digital (34 of 37)

refreshing to hear this kinda postpunksynthnoiseexperimentalwhateverthegenreis -music after some years, screamers/joydivision/cure/etc. united.


WINKIE one day we pretended to be ghosts

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Brooklyn duo making electronic depechemodejoydivisionneworderish tunes, some tracks are great, some makes me think it would be nice to add a hook or two to them.

ps. damn, this live sounds even better.