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LESADOS – jaula

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guys have upgraded their grooves from stoner rock to doom, cant say this is perfect but getting closer, so go ahead, shut up and LISTEN.

THE RISING SUN EXPERIENCE beyond the oblivious abyss

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stunning (found a new praising word) psychedelicprogressiverock.


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Punk band evolved to stoner in their 2nd album, 1st track is a nice kyuss-style stoner, then theres some metal/punk-influences. Very good 2nd effort, but something’s still missing, i wish there were more tracks like the 1st. I could offer you some tracks to play if you accept tracks written by someone else? Check out 2nd track in my soundcloud profile, ive written many that kinda songs during years.

ASPEN winds of revenge

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ASPEN winds of revenge

posted this earlier, now they offer free download from the labels site

ASPEN winds of revenge

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“Aspen is the brand new project from the old Cosmic Vishnu heavy duo, exploring now that heavy rock, beefy, chunky, two-ton heavyness sound, with the addition of a third member on bass guitar. Aspen its about to release thei first EP, entitled “Winds of Revenge” through the label Lovers and Lollypops in November this year.”