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Posted in eavesdropping, nokia on May 12, 2014 by vesalahde

good work from some stalking scum again, spams based on phone eavesdropping.

Story continues

Posted in nokia, nsa backdoor phones on September 30, 2013 by vesalahde

Hats off to dad, he threw his Nokia Lumia to the wall (suddenly started asking for PUK-code while using some map application), i did the same with my earlier Nokia and the new one is about to fly too. FUCK NOKIA, i felt like smashing their expo-desk to pieces yesterday, phones full of backdoors and megapixel camera nonsense.


Posted in nokia, security on September 17, 2013 by vesalahde

In airport you understand why security is needed, but still cant understand  this grocery/clothing store nerdmafia in Helsinki, its been like legalized gang bullying
with security cameras.

Yesterday’s happenings in the U.S. made me think again how fucking sick this world is. And how sick this finnish security is, it works vice versa, makes people furious and angry, some times i wanted to at least bitch-slap some brainless grocery store guardian kids. Heard also many stories from other people, about how they are tired of Helsinki grocery-security.

Nokia dumbphone was doing some funny things again couple o days ago,  closing and rebooting itself without me doing anything, happened twice while using the facebook application. And talking about facebook, finnish advertisers are still sick bastards, its spamming not advertising.


Posted in nokia, privacy on September 12, 2013 by vesalahde

Yesterday, finnish 45 minutes program, ex-nokia worker told that nokia has been building backdoors to their phones already in the beginning of 21st century. I knew it many years ago, but no one believed me then.

ps. Nokia phone im using has an amateurish bug, or is it one of these backdoors? Screen goes black whenever it wants, and i have to type the security code again, 1st thought maybe its a screensaver or energy saving feature, but no it happens while typing, browsing or many times in a row.

NSA smart phone “scandal”

Posted in nokia, privacy on September 9, 2013 by vesalahde

Have to say some words about this, you can add Nokia phones to that list as well, maybe not NSA but someone is stalking nokia phones too and sending anonymous spam about stalked things :), they “secure” the world by killing the privacy, i think its fucking craziness.


Posted in nokia, privacy, security on August 19, 2013 by vesalahde

Nokia phone privacy seems to be a joke, yesterday i surfed VR-pages with my phone and today VR advertisements started to come to my computer, what a co-incidence again. Google at least admits their emails and phones have no privacy, but Nokia is still lying to people. Stopped using the phone couple o weeks ago because there was some strange shit going on, now when i opened it, updates to a couple of softwares started to come, quite big differencies in version numbers, so i wonder why they blocked these updates earlier. Same shit happened with computer some
years ago, ISP or someone could block windows updates.

ps. you probably have to be an arcade gamer of the arcade hill (finnish parliament monkey) to get all updates to your nokia gaming phone. Well, it works now, but i knock on wood.

ps2. wow, helsingin kaupungin WLAN blocks wordpress posts, stadinetti seems to work still.