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Dudes sent their latest album so i checked this disturbing video, music that makes you nervous, therefore i quote wikipedia: “In physics thought experiments, a Boltzmann brain is a self-aware entity that arises due to extremely rare random fluctuations out of a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. For example, in a homogeneous Newtonian soup, theoretically by sheer chance all the atoms could bounce off and stick to one another in such a way as to assemble a functioning human brain (though this would, on average, take vastly longer than the current lifetime of the Universe).”

Guess i was bit too harsh but this is not for me, maybe a good band for rave partys.


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ex-sludge outfit familiar from some droning earth comp, changed a bit during years.

TAJAK – amsterdam 211

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gem of an album, like a bastard child of hawkwind/joy division/sielun veljet/and something, psychedelic ride out of this world, if youre one of those new kids on the new worlds radiating blocks and dont know what the full album means start by listening the 5th track. CAMP

Cúlmine – Intervención # II

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strange mesmerizing slowly progressing music, listen this rather than eavesdrop others.



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psychedelic noise rock with chaotic jazz sax, mind-melting cacophony sounding totally original, their 2nd album on bad afro records out in november, the 1st album still available for free. the 3rd track “mania” reminded me of finnish band sielun veljet from the late 80s, when they were in their most furious form.

30.000 MONKIES somewhere over the painbow

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band name reminds me of helsinki security, for some odd reason? 1st track isnt anything extra-amazing, but starting from 2nd track nice work, they call it mixture of noise rock/sludge.


STAER daughters

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Instru-mental noisejazzmetalrock, usually im not interested of noise rock or jazzavantgardemetal, but this i kept on listening until this slow connection gave up in the middle of 4th track. so far so good..