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Posted in france, math rock, progressive rock on July 7, 2021 by vesalahde

adventurously amazing 1st single from the upcoming album

BARON CRÂNE – commotions

Posted in france, jazz rock, math rock, progressive rock, psychedelic, stoner rock on March 16, 2021 by vesalahde

if you want a nicely flowing multi-genre album, this delicately twists some minds. MRS RED SOUND

TOWN PORTAL chronopoly

Posted in copenhagen, industrial, math rock, progressive on October 17, 2012 by vesalahde

again, saying something when listened.

FURA mustela putorius 2010

Posted in instrumental, mallorca, math rock, post rock on January 7, 2011 by vesalahde
i dont know much about post-rock but these spaniards deliver some enjoyable tunes. 3rd track’s my favorite.