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SPIRAL SHADES hypnosis sessions (demo)

Posted in doom, heavy, india on August 21, 2013 by vesalahde



labeled as demo but sounds better than some albums, asskickin 70’s sounding doom/heavy metal, singer sounds bit like young ozzy. Illuminati is a masterpiece.

HOLOCENE channel

Posted in ambient, drone, india, instrumental on November 14, 2012 by vesalahde

this isnt same holocene as on droning earth vol53 but great one, nice tracks varying from ambient to instrumentals (guitar/piano/violin). its always a great concept to have ambient/instrumentals mixed on an album (earth:hex for example, the album that made me to start doing these comps). again i have to say, cover art is quite lame, if you need a better one, just ask.

ps. btw found your mail from spam folder.