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KING BONG alice in stonerland

Posted in improvisation stoner rock, italy, jam sessions, psychedelic rock on January 28, 2011 by vesalahde
dont let the intro fool you this is astounding stoner jam band, improvisation is always a great thing.

“Alice In Stonerland” has been recorded live, as usual, as we believe this is the only way to capture the rawness and liveliness of the rituals held in honour of the King Bong.
We also decided to experiment a bit. For the first time, under the guide of the beast, we entered the studio with our minds completely free. Nothing had been written or rehearsed, we just pressed the REC button and let the music flow.
The result is 34 minutes of improvised music; you may find the audio quality isn’t the clearest, but it’s free, so don’t complain. We hope you’ll enjoy your listening experience of “Alice In Stonerland” as much as we enjoyed playing it.
If you like what you hear, you can order this EP for 5€ (including shipping costs)!