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bit of nostalgia after few beers..

DISCHARGE – new world order

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was curious to check if these guys are still around, very much so.



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cro-mags, black flag, sacred reich, dri, sod, carnivore, crumbsuckers, gg allin…. remember why i listened hardcore/punk/thrash/speed metal in teenage years, music gave such a energy/adrenaline boost, music made you think for yourself instead of believing all teachers preachings.. so fuck it, this is american stoner punk/hardcore making america great again. HEAVYPSYCH

C.O.C. – technocrazy EP

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80s classics, still kicks butt.


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still a pleasure to listen this energy burst, no fillers..

..and cryptic slaughter is going on now, all that remote torture out there..

GANG GREEN – you got it

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music was just better in the 80s, 70s, 60s, another classic that was on heavy rotation.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES – how will i laugh tomorrow when i cant even smile today

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im brainwashed by my own writings, remembered this magnificent album while writing my other blog, the LP you never got tired of, isnt it bit strange that band named suicidal tendencies brings you the best childhood memories.

ps. was curious to see if theyre still doing music and gotta say this is no “how will i laugh” but better than the most of the new bands that never invent anything new. WHOLE WORLD GONE INSANE, agree with that.