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UNSEEN TERROR – human error

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promo albums waiting in line and im listening golden classics, this got also some serious spinning in the 80s


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a new category “LPs i used to have”, this was something innovative and groundbreaking 1987, now considered as a classic, grindcore before grindcore.

THE ATROCITY EXHIBIT what time the hidden death?

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dunno much about grindcore nowadays, but this reminds me of the days when hair was long and napalm death’s scum was hot.


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COLUMN OF HEAVEN Ecstatically Embracing all that we Habitually Suppress

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only saw one video track from this experimental group, some sort of grindnoiseexperimentalcore.


BARREN WASTE divine intervention

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i posted a link to their reverbnation page earlier, heres demo


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luminous pandemonium.

“Barren Waste came together in late January of 2011 in response to an unimaginative local metal scene. All four members wanted to make something exciting and have so far done just that. Genre conventions were dropped. Instead the songs dictated where the songs would go. Not only are the usual elements of Death, Black, Thrash, Grindcore, and Hardcore used, but they are coupled with noise, classic rock, and free jazz influences.”