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Rarely hear this many genres on one album, theres gospel, blues, roots, stoner, 70s rock, punk and more in a twisted unique mixture of boozeful coolness, KOZMIK ARTIFACTZreleasing a well-deserved vinyl of selected tracks from their two EPs.


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angry bear playin gospel, sounds like a great combination, actually its ambient, orchestra da camera distorta. another great artist major label geeks have no clue about, wonderful.



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only had time to check their promovideo and couple o’ streaming tracks from space , sounds like droneambientgospelelectronica worth checking out.
“Parts of the album were recorded in several
different churches found in the North Yorkshire countryside. This has
given the record some awesome acoustics, and in turn has created a
unique ‘church’ feel. By the way, the church on the cover – St.
Ethelburga’s – is one of the places we recorded in.

The album also includes unique sounds created by Throbbing Gristle’s
GRISTLEISM machine (TG are a major influence). ”