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strangely couldnt find anything about this club from the net, enjoyed the journey.


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minimalistic guitar/ambient + minimalistic vocals = maximum melancholia, wonderful deeply meditative experience.

VVLVA – silhouettes

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if this music had a little bit o vinyl scratches like the good old LPs, you could think its from the late 60s/early 70s, heavy/hard rock as great as the originals, purple/heep/etc… world in sound

DEATHROW – raging steel

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remember getting this after buying the new stereo equipment with summer job money, still blows your mind.


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Dudes sent their latest album so i checked this disturbing video, music that makes you nervous, therefore i quote wikipedia: “In physics thought experiments, a Boltzmann brain is a self-aware entity that arises due to extremely rare random fluctuations out of a state of thermodynamic equilibrium. For example, in a homogeneous Newtonian soup, theoretically by sheer chance all the atoms could bounce off and stick to one another in such a way as to assemble a functioning human brain (though this would, on average, take vastly longer than the current lifetime of the Universe).”

Guess i was bit too harsh but this is not for me, maybe a good band for rave partys.


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mid-fi hit factory going on here.



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Band from the teenage years, great to see they are still going on strong and have a message, totalitarian terror on the rise in Finland too.

and this is how i remember them, from the lousy vhs tape i still have somewhere, when post-office was our internet.