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BEESUS – 3eejus

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strangest LP ive heard in years, adventurous fuzz rock making your mind wander here and there never guessing what comes next, probably just easier to float in the fuzzflow. GODOWN


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Electric Retro Spectrum 10/04/18 Paris, Espace B from NO MORE RETURN on Vimeo.


KILLER BOOGIE – acid cream

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melting ice creams, cold beers, steamy hot summer nights, hard partying, drunk-driving, bird-hunting and groovy rocknroll…could relate to all that if i was little bit younger…so cutting it short with a worn-out phrase “all killers no fillers”.


KILLER BOOGIE – atomic race

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killer track from upcoming album heavypsychsounds

FVZZ POPVLI – fvzz dei

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atmospheric droney intro turned me on immediately, what follows could be described as psychedelic punk rock, sex pistols finally learned to play, singer sounds muchos as johnny rotten, this means fun times even in the middle of the grey and windless simply perfect depressing day.


TERRAPLANE – into the unknown

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Terraplane Cover

Terraplane Bandpic

predecessor to samsara blues experiment, one track on vol16, brings you fuzzy rock, blues and psychedelia from the early days of german heavy  psych scene, 2006 album re-released by electric magic, distributed by world in sound.


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vidaguerrilla getting his 1st 7″ out, congrats, sounds great.


AT DEVIL DIRT – Plan B: Sin Revolución no hay Evolución

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Cover ADD

jane’s addiction with stonerfuzz? “without revolution there’s no evolution”, totally agree with that.


ARCTIC DUNE self ascent

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fuzzroll at its best, i want more.


SPACE MUSHROOM FUZZ stealing some time

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nice spaceystoneryfuzzmuzak, best track time tunnel/time space, is that typo on cover on purpose?

ps. logged back in just to say “nice” is an understatement.

BRUJAS DEL SOL moonliner

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fantastic voyage to krautsurfdronefuzzrockimprovisationinstrumental, get album from devouter records, listen here


ps. noticed that i have a bunch of great tracks for droning earth vol56, doom/psychedelic/stoner/fuzz rock/stoner doom/sludge/etc. and those sound just silly thrown together, so i split these tracks to two volumes too, so it means more time.


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CD Cover Front_C2_ blide3mm

this was truly great southern/fuzz rock, enough said, get it if you can.

SNAIL terminus

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if you dont know freedom hawk, you should, couple of freebies HERE, i dont know if anyone said this earlier but singer sounds hauntingly similar to ozzy.