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Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview — MOOF

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Rarely share posts from other blogs but this is Grey Malkin from The Hare and The Moon (familiar from some droning earth compilations as well) sharing his favorite acid folk albums.

Grey Malkin, known for creating spectacularly spooky Wyrd folk via The Hare and The Moon, runs through some of his all-time favourite acid folk records…

via Grey Malkin’s Acid Folk Overview — MOOF


KELLI FRANCES CORRADO – book of echoes

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something ELSE than blood, sweat and stoner, kinda meditative/healing dreamfolk, strange electronic rhythms, violin, poetic singing, bit out from my comfort zone but good for relaxation, meditation and dreaming about the better world than this new one we are living in.

VESA-MATTI LÄHDE – electric lapland IV

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T. G. OLSON – from the rocky peaks / servant to blues

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two awesome tracks of folkbluesamericana.



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WOODLANDS from Vesa Lähde on Vimeo.

track from my album ELECTRIC LAPLAND II


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seattle collective delivering their next batch of unique meditativepsychedelicfreakfolk, you know what i mean, if not, check out the vid below, tracks like sun-struck and beyond this vessel should be longer. CAMP



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experimental romp through psychedelic minds, ambient/drone/experimental/folk outcasts flowing nicely in peace together.