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name your price or take a free ride to martha’s vineyard.

KATE CARR – i had myself a nuclear spring

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have heard lot of field recordings, done some myself, but these mixed with drone/ambient sound top notch.

ZEOTROPE Espaces indéfinis

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the next in never-ending one man drone/ambient/fieldrecording -project line, the 1st track was bit too harsh noise for me, the 2nd one sounds more interesting…



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Near North cover

If there’s an opposite to dark ambient, this is close. Tracks are so different its hard to name some genres, beautiful orchestral/close-to-earth/world fusion/new age/post rock/drone/experimental/field recordings. All in all music full of hope.


PORYA HATAMI & LCOMA synesthesia

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another nice ambient/fieldrecordings collab album.


MARK BANNING journey to the light

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another one from students of decay , couldnt open the pdf with this setup, so i dont know if its out or coming, electric guitar mixed with field recordings.

ANNE GUTHRIE codiaeum variegatum

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Dunno if this girl is related to Woody, but she’s doing nice mix of garden field recordings and droning instruments, ive heard something similar earlier but this sounds great, released 18.2. by students of decay.