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ESP – they’re coming

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relaxing sci-fi electronic

NIGGGHT – leaving here

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Niggght announcing their debut EP and video, sleazy doom blues for easy livin’

ROBERT HEEL – prairie

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interestingly evolving ambient, like audiobook without words.

KELLI FRANCES CORRADO – book of echoes

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something ELSE than blood, sweat and stoner, kinda meditative/healing dreamfolk, strange electronic rhythms, violin, poetic singing, bit out from my comfort zone but good for relaxation, meditation and dreaming about the better world than this new one we are living in.

SURYA KRIS PETERS holy holy holy

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if you wanna take a trip to other universe, this is for you, excellent hypnotic synthkrautelectronic like his 1st LP, influences from Vangelis, Manuel Göttsching, Jean-Michel Jarre, etc.


KAYO DOT – plastic house on base of sky

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1st thought was 80s soundtrack/electronic music, but this is more progressive, futuristic experimental rock that drags you in and takes you to a journey outside the system.


ps. flenser should update my email address.