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feast of dark jazz/doom/drone metal with haunting female vocals.

SUNNO ))) – frost

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SUNN O))) – life metal

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these guys were also inspiring when i got interested of drone/ambient music, still rumbling hard..

WARRIOR POPE – anchorite

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my dl speed was awful again so based on couple of streamed tracks: interestingly adventurous progressive ambient/drone metal. CAMP

finally had time to listen this more, description above is quite good, progressive instrumentals with heavier and ambient parts, you never know what comes next.


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fantastic track from their upcoming album.

NONSUN black snow desert

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049 bw

this ukrainian instrumental duo sounds totally unique, drone metal, ambient, post rock, improvisation, etc.. dunno if this dl link was to be shared so get it from somewhere else.


SEA OF BONES the earth wants us dead

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Great, amazing, crushing, atmospheric, epic, etc.. im tired of those same words, just go and LISTEN!  Unbelievable their 1st album came out 6 years ago, about same time i started making these comps, feels like yesterday. Great cover pic too.

NORTHUMBRIA black sea of trees

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amazing guitar&bassdronemetalambient.

“Northumbria will be releasing their debut album this summer through Montreal based TQA records, and later on in the year on vinyl through Heat Death records”