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NEH CZNEG – tristesse

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good to hear old mate neh czneg is still doing his haunting/relaxing/inspiring soundscapes, finest quality dark ambient.

BLACK YO)))GA – earth portals

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if normal yoga feels bit bland, paint it black with these tunes.

MONARCH – never forever

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how dark and black can drone doom get? this is the answer, there should be “explicit drones” sticker on the album cover.


CAMBRIAN – mobular

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updated after listening full album

taxi driver records announcing hawaiian blues doom spectacular, like dylan carlson jamming with gary moore and pink floyd under the caribbean sundown, unreal and anomalous mix of lap-steel guitar, blues and drone doom.


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earth fans find these relaxing dronepsychedeliccosmicinstrumental tracks familiar, like listening a flowing, gently progressing live show.


PLAGUE OF CARCOSA the color out of space

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neat little drone-doomer/guitar-noiser, pay what you want or leech like a pro.

SEA OF BONES – silent transmissions

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hauntingly beautiful improvised drone-doomer.


one of their track also on recently reupped VOL3.