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sometimes checking the projects i added to droning earth comps, heres wonderful instrumental folk/ambient/drone

EMILE – the black spider / det kollektive selvmord

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like 2 albums in one, side A is 60s style folk/psychedelia with english lyrics, side B experimental surreal droning atmospheres with danish lyrics, both sides relaxing. HEAVYPSYCH

SONIC DAWN – enter the mirage

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if you love nuggets (original artyfacts from the first psychedelic era) this is a no-brainer, marvelous trip back to the 60s love and peace, every track shines. HEAVYPSYCH

SYREREGN – cogito ergo sum

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got the promo from KOZMIK ARTIFACTZ, downloaded mp3s, they were on my HD, deleted the promo mail, next time when thought to listen the album they were gone,  but i found this video so check it out.

IT SHOULD BE OBVIOUS AFTER ALL THESE YEARS who are these (probably finnish) criminals always assaulting my computers/modems/TV-hubs, at least theres one criminal upstairs who always seem to know when i turn on the cable modem.

THE SONIC DAWN – into the long night

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psychedelic rock as a genre is used in many occasions but this sounds like original acts from the late 60s, so both the new psychedelic-born babies and the old acid-beards from the 60s can enjoy this magnificent album of many vibrant colours.



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psychedelic noise rock with chaotic jazz sax, mind-melting cacophony sounding totally original, their 2nd album on bad afro records out in november, the 1st album still available for free. the 3rd track “mania” reminded me of finnish band sielun veljet from the late 80s, when they were in their most furious form.


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another perfect LP from kozmik artifactz, female-fronted psychedelicbluesrocktrio with some scandinavian melancholy, washes away the sorrow and the pain, at least for a while.