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Posted in croatia, instrumental, metal, stoner metal on November 25, 2013 by vesalahde


gotta repost this, i was talking crap, i rarely do, and i blame my laptop soundcard it sounded weak the 1st time, 2nd listen with better machine and this is probably the best instrumental album ive heard in a while, tracks varying from repetitive stoner riffs to speedy metal parts.

OSLJEBAD doomy encounters of the heaviest kind

Posted in bass, croatia, drone doom, minimalism on February 26, 2013 by vesalahde


Onemanfuneralbassdoomdrone or something. Low bass rumble works for one track, then gets quite repetitive. And this growling “singing”, well its minimalistic, that sampled witch laughter is too much. After all theres an idea that might work for someone, maybe 2nd bassist or drummer needed, and some variation to that sound.