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CAMBRIAN – mobular

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updated after listening full album

taxi driver records announcing hawaiian blues doom spectacular, like dylan carlson jamming with gary moore and pink floyd under the caribbean sundown, unreal and anomalous mix of lap-steel guitar, blues and drone doom.

GUERRILLA BLUES – fuck off, two times

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gaspar shared his new booze-fueled one man blues ALBUM of some originals and some covers (RL Burnside, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bo Diddley, Robert Johnson), nowadays theres all these fancy blues dudes with fancy gear thinking they are all that but this is as close as you can get to the original delta blues spirit, one man, guitar, booze, anger and fuck the system.

KITCHEN WITCH – back to the mud EP

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1st track didnt get me over-excited, starting from the 2nd nicely flowing EP, difficult to name the exact genre, mixture of hard rock, heavy rock, metal, grunge, blues and soulful female vocals. favorite track the 2nd, ‘its okay’ slightly reminding of dead moons underground hit, ending to the garymoorish blues. also the 5th with the droney start is interestingly weird, tribal and mystical. CAMP


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powerblues they call it, guess they are right, psychedelic rock/blues, theres something original i cant describe, primitive drumming is hypnotic and powerful, go and figure it out yourself, damn relaxing anyway, at least listen the 2nd track, theres a blues that even eric clapton would envy.


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Artwork 1000.jpg

immediately hooked after the first crushing riffs.. thick low end stoner, psychedelic and blues in heavy harmony… sounding like recorded live in the middle of californian desert.. for fans of kyuss, los natas, etc.


T. G. OLSON – from the rocky peaks / servant to blues

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two awesome tracks of folkbluesamericana.



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the 1st track reminded of some t-rex ballad, 2nd track, is led zep reborn?, sweet blues/rock piece, full album would be nice, danke schön.