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UXVAE – ananke

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bit similar stuff ive been doing now and then, except theres vocals/howling included, quality drones so to speak.


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mix of mystical bass guitar and shamanistic noise beaming you up to other dimension.


POINO bon ick voyeur

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If DK/Black Flag were still around they could sound something like this, progressiveexperimentalavantgardepunk, not your everyday chorus/verse radio music. i could take one of those vinyls and spin some more of this awesomeness.


STAER daughters

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Instru-mental noisejazzmetalrock, usually im not interested of noise rock or jazzavantgardemetal, but this i kept on listening until this slow connection gave up in the middle of 4th track. so far so good..


NOKIA sinking vessel

Posted in avant garde on July 22, 2013 by vesalahde


And heres my review and free coverart for album NOKIA : sinking vessel.

Took only couple of weeks and hacked. 1st noticed the screen closed too many times while using internet (probably normal), 2nd touchscreen malfunction (only way to make it function was to take the battery out), 3rd the screen closed immediately after typing the security code, had to type it probably 5 or more times to log in, and yesterday noticed some writings in text fields that arent  written by me. Elop can suck my cock.

BOTANIST III: doom in bloom / allies

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CLAUDIO NUÑES nada es para todos

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