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THIN LIZZY – chinatown

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beauty of 80s hard rock

compilation of lizzy covers:


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albumful of rocknroll hits, remember listening this on and on with my korvalappustereo, made going to school easier.


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fucks sake,  hard/heavy rock boom going on again and still go watching the classics after a sip of cognag.


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1st ever finnish metal band i heard, remember buying this as a cassette, still rocking harder than many new bands.

TANKARD – chemical invasion

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one of the rarities still left of my original speed/thrash collection, more actual than ever in the era of labrats, labviruses, chemtrails, chemclouds… this wasnt for serious thrashers but beer-drinking fun-loving metalheads.

DESTRUCTOR – maximum destruction

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friday nostalgia, lesser-known speed/thrash that was in heavy rotation in the 80s.

ZOETROPE – amnesty

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bit confused with some new releases so tripping back to the 80s, this was underrated, no one else liked it but i was spinning it like a madman, still sounds unique.


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One tweet made me think of more music i heard and liked in the late 70s before i listened music, heard them from radio, TV1 (there was only one TV channel in Finland, maybe two?) or somewhere else, didnt know anything about genres, punk rockers smoking cigarettes in the corner of Ounasvaara school looked like monsters, tried to stay as far from them as possible.

  1. Maukka Perusjätkä – Säpinää
  2. Problems? – Katupoikien Laulu
  3. Kollaa Kestää – Jäähyväiset Aseille
  4. Pelle Miljoona – Tahdon rakastella sinua
  5. Pave Maijanen & Mistakes – Pidä huolta
  6. Kari Peitsamo & Ankkuli – Kauppaopiston naiset
  7. Hurriganes – Hot Wheels
  8. Ypö-Viis – Mikkitelineestä on puolet minun
  9. Virtanen – Elektroninen xtaasi
  10. Kollaa Kestää – Kirjoituksia Kellarista
  11. Problems? – Lanka palaa
  12. Juice Leskinen – Jyrki boy
  13. Freeman – Ajetaan tandemilla
  14. Mika Sundqvist – Moottoripyörä on moottoripyörä


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friday evening nostalgia, amazing LP only released in Finland