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mind melting cover art but what about the music, 70s progressive rock, the 1st ever album including guitar synth, interesting but nothing extra-ordinary, id rather listen this without the singer because he sounds like poor mans klaus meine.

ps. maybe i was bit too harsh about the singer, hes ok, i rather listen/make instrumentals because lyrics are usually nonsense.

VIRTANEN – electric ecstasy

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godfather of finnish psychedelic punk rock, alemman biisin lyriikoista päätellen vainoa oli jo 70-luvulla, national bad habit, myös YLEn perinteistä jäykistelyä, onko mikään muuttunut?

PEKKA STRENG – kesämaa

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finnish classics from the 70s, make music not corruption.


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Great cover of a Joni Mitchell song, hair peace forever. There should be some activism now like in the 70s but people are just happy being eavesdropped and stalked with Major Peeping Toms satellite.

RAY DORSET – cold blue excursion

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Rarely hear this many genres on one album, theres gospel, blues, roots, stoner, 70s rock, punk and more in a twisted unique mixture of boozeful coolness, KOZMIK ARTIFACTZreleasing a well-deserved vinyl of selected tracks from their two EPs.