Some kinda terrorist assault continues. Havent used twitter for a while and now they manipulated my soundcloud profile, probably same criminals who manipulated facebook account before i deleted the account around 2014. If you have seen me in facebook after that, its some fake fucker. Also something strange with my modem goin on, stuck at same IP all the time.

Why i call them terrorists? Too many cases when they have known my strange symptoms. If my feet or head were burned remotely in Helsinki, spammers/soundcloud fake profiles knew it, if my other lung was burned during night in Rovaniemi apartment, Twitter manipulators knew it and showed me burned lung immediately in the morning when i logged in. 1,5 years ago in Oulu got some strange heart problems while driving and twitter manipulators recommended me immediately heart failure forum, now same happened couple of weeks ago in different location in Oulu and twitter recommended heart failure forum again, strange co-incidence again.

Is there some terrorists running (maybe flying, using drones/satellites) free, criminals who are testing new hi-tech weapons on people around the world?

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