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EARTH – the colour of poison

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latest from the band that inspired this blog, droning earth compilations and minimalistic music im doing..

ABRAHMA – lost forever

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beautiful and melancholic 1st track from the upcoming album


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i understand how hard it is to leave that facefuckbook but here might be an alternative:ähde

CAVEM3N – the stalefield incident

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grim lyrics about serial killers, musically varying from catchy rocknroll to blues rock and twisted progressions in between, gotta say this sounds unique and after all its a good reminder how pervert this world is now, stalking is a fucking trend, children molested more than ever, etc..


GEEZER – spiral fires EP

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theres some great psychedelic heaviness, EP that felt too short.

ps. “funny” incident when i checked the spiral fires promo video maybe a month ago and went out, one of these Oulunsalo/Oulu criminals came making spiral shaped chemtrail to the sky, im aware finnish military criminals are stalking/manipulating my internet connection too, as they are stalking when i go out from the apartment.


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run baby run



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and little bit brighter tones giving you a bit of hope in this corrupted world.