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WHIPLASH – insult to injury

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not as good as their debut but was in heavy rotation in teenage times, why old thrash is still better than any new copycat bands?

NEBULA – charged

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old-school stoner re-issue from heavypsychsounds, music to charge your mind and body.

THE LUNAR EFFECT – calm before the calm

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Main Band Photo.jpg

ooh-la-la, psychelicious hazy spaciness, emotionally charged vocals, geezery basslines, melancholic lyrics, you really feel calm after this storm of calmness, so to speak.. there was also coverart but i lost it, so go and buy it ya digital bitches..  kozmik

BLUE DREAM – volume won

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blue dream - volume won - promo

dreamy, bluesy, heavy, surprising, relaxing… trip, one of these bands who play whatever they want and it sounds good, hard to categorize, at times thought im listening pink floyd, at times gary moores guitar, singer could sing in some britpop band (one of those two) too, so go ahead, make my day and figure it out.. kozmik

GLITTER WIZARD – opera villains

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new album coming from the kings of psychedelic glitter glam metal.


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latest from aurora borealis, winter solstice rumbles to brighten up your day and night.


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remember adding one to droning earth vol15, still the most unique band in the downtempo genre.