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Just what i needed after the murderous radiation assault i felt again at home, soothing progressive/post at times even drone rock, refreshing, laidback, wonderful mess of genres, gotta mention folky instrumental (hank carmarvin) as good as solitude, rock album for total relaxation.



YURT – the obstacle is everything

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dont be a yurt, taste some yurt from the sonic elders of yurt, experimental brainmelt space prog rock that reminds a bit of voivods experiments, great especially for you who think the chorus/verse/bridge/solo is sometimes too less.

OF WOLVES – no loss for words

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one of my favorites from the past years, from the “sludge” category, wish there were more bands like this who dare to say it straight and not write some cryptographic mumbojumbo bullshit. One track also on droning earth vol69.


THE VARUKERS – soldier boy

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nostalgic smash hits…





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more evergreens

EMISARIO – nausea

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nausea of the radiating generation?