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space bass for moped gals.

LEE VAN CLEEF – holy smoke

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inspiring slow jams to pour down couple of heinekens, viva sabata!


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unintelligent music for stupid kids.


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monarch announcing new album from profound lore

DEVIN HOFF – solo bass

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now and then gonna dig out interesting albums from bandcamp,  heres cool bass improvisations.


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something listened on bandcamp, soulbrother from mexico.

RESIN – breathing frequencies

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rarely someone sends me albumful of stoner doom nowadays, at least this kinda progressive old schoolish with dirty production values, and dirty means good, again my 1st thought (tells more than 100 pics) was somewhere between slowed down hendrix jam and earth, so relaxing jams for relaxing yoga moments, singer sounds quite disturbing but its the name of the game, as you can see from the coverart.