the 2nd drive-by  of bill boethius and dali’s car, onemanspacebluesjazzdroneambient to astonish.


One Response to “BILL BOETHIUS & DALI’S CAR – II”

  1. Bill Boethius Says:

    Thanks to Vesa Lahde for making this volume II happen [will I get to vol IV!?].

    As a one man band, it always helps to have an objective viewpoint come in and look at things afresh, as Vesa has done here.

    Just as my first album of February 2015 pulled various strands together of my early work, this one does so of my most recent. I have generally gone into freer areas tonally [tonality and tone] and in terms of time. I have also amassed a lot more guitars in the past year – all of them cheap – I won’t pay over £100 for an axe, no way. Indeed, the cheaper one’s sound better to my ears.

    I think also, as Vesa’s liner note suggests, I have widened my scope of sounds, from the blues and avant garde of the first release to spacejazz and even ambient/drone in the present one. Ambient/drone is not conscious, but has more to do with my approach to Time. In sounds I like to stretch Time out and out ever more, until very ambient vibes start to happen.

    But I feel there is always an undercurrent of Angst – this is due to my philosophical outlook – which militates against pure ambience. This is the source of that disquiet in my work. Whereas a few years ago [see my BlogSpot] I would use poetry and the essay or else painting and drawing to express this, now I use sound.

    Droning Earth is a great source for sounds, and I continue to be inspired by the artists that DE chooses promote.

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