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One Response to “DRONING EARTH VOL73”

  1. Bill Boethius Says:

    Droning Earth Vol 73 – Review by Bil Boethius

    Has it really been 73? Droning Earth have no shortage of tracks, that’s for sure, and are continually expanding their roster of artists. That’s why I’m chuffed to have a track of my own on this compilation, and while it’s far from being the best track – I’m pleased to rub shoulders with some gifted dudes, some of whom I know from Soundcloud, such as Unearth Noise who have been described as a ‘psychedelic whirlwind’. And that term could apply to this compilation as a whole, it’s excellent cover suggesting the chameleon dark underbelly of psychedelia, half in shadow and half in complementary colour glow. And Lend Me Your Underbelly’s own track ‘Green’ is a pyschedelic tour de force, going from the Beatle’s early experiments to today’s dark remnants of a nightmare.
    When Droning Earth asked me for a track – in a roundabout way – they wanted it to be without drums. Listening to the compilation, now I know why. No matter how heavy or rich the sounds get [such as Ojo or Delete the Son], they are always intimate, they are always more chamber than big band. That is the vibe – listen to Gratton’s acoustic driven track, ‘sky song’. It’s also there in Chris Lane’s heart rending bottleneck guitar which recalls the Delta, or in Indrid Cold’s whispered and stately shamanic trance, called ‘incestuous circles’. The latter recalls the ancient deltas before the continental shifts, where small interbreeding tribes faced the Elements on the edge of survival.

    And survived we did, into this plastic mass technological age, and Indrid recognise this when they unleash a terror assault of amplified vocals onto their acoustic riff. Droning Earth take us back to the pagan times in their silver machine, and the overall effect of these tracks is of a heady trip through time and space to another place and time which can be just as challenging and disturbing as our own.
    Blackmoon1348 reference the date associated with the outbreak of the Black Death in Europe. Just as Droning Earth use the Black Sabbath Master of Reality logo to denote that this collection is no form of escapism. Any colours of psychedelia here are always dark, as dark as the Doors, and as dark as Doom, the subgenre engendered by Master of Reality.
    You enjoy the fear you feel when listening to the doomy sounds of Blackmoon1348 and Solar Maximum because you know you are alive, that you have survived to live and hunt another day. Drums appear here as they must, for the devil hath made his way to the stage and he demands the beating of skins.
    I have long been an advocate of Space, and believe that because spacetime is a continuum, by conquering one we conquer the other. We reach back to our ancient ancestors by reaching out into the Universe and vice versa. The magnificent ambience of Sleep, Data makes the case for Space, as does Claymation with ‘neversink days’ [and I am so jealous of the guitar sounds on this one!]. It is still a form of doom though, as we had before with 1348. Doom from above as opposed to doom from below. Is Space just a metaphor they ask? ‘Just’? Everything worthy in this existence is a metaphor … and are you a metaphor?

    My own piece follows on the heels of some beautiful earthly acoustic string work by Geoff Svendsgaard & Iohannes. I nod to Hendrix in the title [“I float in liquid gardens” sings Jimi in Voodoo Chile] for more dark psychedelia. Yes, it is backwards guitar, that invention of the cosmic age where all values are reversed in a truly disturbing Nietzschean way.
    The gorgeous Agitation Phi is her own renaissance; a fabulous bass player, she has created a neopsychedelic otherworld with Agitation. She unites the Earth, the Cosmos … Everything … into one Throb. I can’t get enough of her [I wish]. Droning Earth have done a great mix of her ‘the bees made lion in the honeyskull’ – perhaps DE could pore over some other pieces in Phi’s back catalogue?
    The Son the Wolf bring us back down to Earth, kinda, with another of their chants. These evoke the great plains Indians, the ancient civilisations that were the remnants of Atlantis. The combination of acoustic and electric sounds is always enthralling, and my head was nodding to the beat just as it does to Sabbath, for this is Doom Drone too.

    Here’s to the next 73 volumes.

    Bill Boethius

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