EGB they’ve lost control

EGB_they've_lost_control (1)

one of my joy division inspired tunes, written a bunch of these too during years, any ian curtis wannabe out there? who can write lyrics, last time i wrote something was about 14 years ago.


4 Responses to “EGB they’ve lost control”

  1. hi vesa

    very nice, very interesting

    gimme a little time and i will try to do some lyrics and a vocal-line

    as an old (literaly) JD fan and a former gothic-rock band member

    (vocals for 10 years on 3 cds) i think i will find the right mood.

    if you are interested in the old gothic-rock stuff, let me know and

    i will send some dl-links (band was GIANTS CAUSEWAY)

    greetz from germany


  2. yeah, a download would be cool, i’m also interested in any joydiv-like output of yours.
    next week i will start on some lyrics and stuff.

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