Did a bit fast listening thru tracks, but definitely going to listen this more,  amazing noise/dark ambient/industrial/experimental from Tallinn, Estonia.

“Morgue’s Last Choice is a band that explores the darkest depths of our
world and has been described by many as a horror music. Each of the
releases carries a unifying concept, which have been coined by our
keyboard player and vocalist Lunastaja (Kennet Kaare). As he was
working in statistics while we were recording on our previous album
7511. As he processed the census data and categorized people by their
jobs he noticed an interesting classification. 7511 – butchers and
other people working in meat processing. In his twisted mind he formed
an images of dystopian slaughterhouse and of people working there in
different professions. The images were then transferred to music, and
so this release came to be.”

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