OSLJEBAD doomy encounters of the heaviest kind


Onemanfuneralbassdoomdrone or something. Low bass rumble works for one track, then gets quite repetitive. And this growling “singing”, well its minimalistic, that sampled witch laughter is too much. After all theres an idea that might work for someone, maybe 2nd bassist or drummer needed, and some variation to that sound.


4 Responses to “OSLJEBAD doomy encounters of the heaviest kind”

  1. thanx very much for kind words and putting me up. i know this sin’t for everyone’s taste ut i created it that way. there’s more releases at archive.org. best regards! all kinds of critics are welcome.

  2. check out ‘dirge of the damned’ that one is the most drone…. the second one, ‘slom duše’ is funeral drone without vocals…. i guess somebody can find something for themselves…. thank you very much again!

  3. yea, actually theres one track “roaming of the…something” that i could throw to some volume, just give me a download link to that album.

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